Llama Beans (term for llama manure) are a fantastic organic alternative to store bought fertilizer for your garden and is superior to other livestock manures and the best part-they are virtually ODORLESS!

The Scoop on Llama Beans:

  • High in nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus you can add them in hot to your garden, no need to compost first!
  • Low odor
  • A llamas digestive system is so efficient that the llama beans are nearly seed free which means you will not be introducing weeds into your garden

Llama Beans can be added to your garden or house plants in two easy ways:

  • Add beans directly to soil around plants which will slowly release nutrients to the soil as you water
  • Llama bean tea liquifies the beans so that you can water your plants with all of the beneficial nutrients.


What is the investment?

We sell llama beans in 5 gallon buckets with a lid for $15

Do I need to compost my Llama Beans?

You can, but it is not necessary. You can add them directly into your garden or you can add them to your compost to enhance it!

Llama beans typically do not contain weed seeds that can germinate so there is little risk of introducing weeds into your garden bed

What is the Llama Bean tea recipe?

Fill your 5 gallon bean bucket with water and put the lid back on

Llama Bean Tea is typically ready after 7 days in which you can pour the liquid into a watering can and water your garden or plants

This method is reusable, you can repeat the above by refilling your 5 gallon bucket with water until the water no longer turns color

How do I purchase Llama Beans from Prairie Patch Farm?

Click here to check if there is an open pick up time.

The sign up is free and you will be charged for the llama beans onsite...don't see a date? No problem, you can email us to set up a time!

Where else can I use Llama Beans?

You can use llama beans in your houseplants, garden & flower beds, in your landscaping including trees and shrubs.

Why do you call them Llama Beans?

Llama manure is round and dark, resembling the appearance of beans

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