Your adventure into the magical world of llama-corns begins with this exclusive one-of-a-kind experience here at Prairie Patch Farm

Llama-corn twilight hikes are very limited and elusive just like the llama-corn to take place in the months of June & October only

In June enjoy the enchantment and sounds of frog symphonies and the sights of fireflies lighting up the forest and prairies

In October take in the smells of fall and crunching of leaves beneath your feet

Llama-Corn hikes have a private group and public group option and include up to 10 people


Private Groups are 300.00 and Include 10 people (kids 2 and under do not count toward the person total)

Public Groups 40.00 per Person tickets must be purchased in groups of two Kids 10 and under must walk a llama with an adult. Kids 2 and under hike free and do not need a ticket

Tickets for June 2021 Llamacorn Hikes Go On Sale Wednesday, May 12th at Noon

Stay Magical!

© Prairie Patch Farm LLC 2021
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