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Llamas at your Event

We offer three options for Llamas at your event from 60 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours as we limit the amount of time our llamas are off of the farm for socializing

  • Option A (indoor & outdoor events)
    • $300- 60 minutes with two llamas for meet and greets, hugs & photos
  • Option B (corral set up for outdoors only)
    • $450 -2 hours with two llamas inside our portable corral where folks can visit with them at the corral fence
  • Option C (outdoor only)
    • $550 -Combination of A & B
      •  60 minutes with two llamas outside of the corral for photos and meet and greets, the remaining 70 minutes the llamas are inside of the corral

All of the options above include our animal prep time, travel, our time there, set up and clean up.

Our llamas are trained to go indoors and can ride elevators

  • Our travel time includes up to 20 miles from Shueyville, Iowa
    • Additional travel fees occur for any delivery over 20 miles from the farm
      • Travel Fees by miles from Shueyville, Iowa are:
      • 21-25 miles $15
      • 26-30 miles $30
      • 31-40 miles $45
      • 41-50 Miles $75
      • 51-75 Miles $125
        • * Rates are subject to change

Things to Note:

  • Additional fees may apply if you are required to have your facility, school, or business added as an additional insurer to our insurance $95
  • If your event is held on any public or city property an animal display permit will need to be filed with the City of Cedar Rapids or Iowa City at a $60 charge and 30 days before the event

Weather, Cancellation & Refunds:

  • Visits are subject to weather if outdoors, high heat and inclement weather are grounds for cancellation.
  • Full refunds are offered if we cancel due to weather
    • We expect all participants to follow the rules when interacting with the llamas at the direction of the handlers. We reserve the right to cancel and or remove our llamas and their handlers at any time during the event if they are exposed to dangerous conditions, are provoked, mistreated, or disrespected by any participants and refunds will not be issued.

Ready to inquire? Please reach out to us at 

Please include date & time, event description, location (include address and city), number of participants and where the llamas will be located

Please take a moment to view our closures before you inquire:

  • Monday & Tuesday
  • August 1-September 8
  • October 2-15
  • November 20-26
  • December 11 2023-April 2, 2024

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