Meet our small but mighty herd of four lamas and one alpaca....can you guess which one is the alpaca?

It's Simon, short for Simon Says, because he can be a bit bossy.
He is very sweet, but takes charge to keep things in order among the herd.
He enjoys being the leader on the llama hikes, and pals around with Oz.

Meet AJ which is short for Apple Jack.
He is as beautiful inside as he is on the out.
He has the sweetest disposition and his hair is LLAMAZING.
He spends most of the day eating, and eating, and eating, and eating.
He has quickly become the favorite among visitors.

Meet Earl who is sure to make you smile!
He is the most easy going llama, friendly and kind. He happily participates on our llama-gram and zoom deliveries bringing joy to all he meets.

Meet Ollie who is known for giving out llama kisses (nose to nose) 
He is gentle, calm, and wonderful with children. 
His BFF is AJ.

Meet Oz who is the oldest llama in our herd!
He often takes the role as the protector, and can be heard making humming sounds, a common vocalization that llamas make. He especially loves eating a few treats and is always on the look out to warn the others of potential trouble.
Simon and Oz are BFF.

The Hiking Cats, yes you read that right...our cats like to join in on the hikes, and anything else we are up to on the farm. The friendliest barn cats around meet siblings Whiskers (lighter colored tabby) Scout (orange tabby) and Poppy (calico, RIP April 2020)

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