Meet Andy & Kahle Boutte of Prairie Patch Farm.

Colorado and California natives, their journey to caretaking a nature preserve and wildlife refuge with llamas began with a love for the outdoors, community, and conservation.

Kahle, a Colorado native became enchanted with llamas when trips up to the ski mountains also included a stop to visit llamas on the roadside along the way. She holds a Master's in Neurologic Music Therapy and practiced for several years in forensic mental health in California where she met Andy.

Andy a California native who grew up with a love and appreciation of hiking and the outdoors at a very young age. Much of his leisure included hiking with his family and friends on the beautiful Central Coast of California.

The marrying of llamas and the outdoors became a reality when they purchased the 50-acre Nature Preserve in 2018 that carries on the legacy of Kahle's Uncle Steve Atherton.

It's their greatest joy connecting and fostering community through experiences in nature, and the addition of llamas are the "cherry on top!"

"It's an honor to take part in caring for mother nature through providing sanctuary for wildlife and protection of their habitat. Connecting others with nature through a long time love of llamas came together here at The Prairie Patch thanks to the path that was paved before us with my Uncle and his fight for restoring and protecting Iowa's Natural Heritage."

-Kahle Boutte

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