What better way to spend a summer afternoon or evening than with a Picnic & Llamas at Prairie Patch Farm!?

We are excited to offer this experience in July as the llamas are on rest during the warmest months typically in July


Picnic & Llamas is a 90-minute open house style visit to our private nature preserve where you are welcome to BYOP-Bring Your Own Picnic, blanket, and chairs if you would like.

Guests can spend time on the farm enjoying the sights and sounds of nature, and will even have the opportunity to walk some of our trails.

Since the llamas will be on rest guests will only be able to view them while they are in their pasture or in the barn.

Though we will not be getting the animals out for photos or snuggles, we will provide you with llama treats to feed them.

Guests are welcome to take photos with the llamas and pet them if they come to the fence, however we ask that you do not feed them food other than the llama treats provided or enter their stall or pasture.

Please Note:

  • We kindly ask that you take out what you bring in, including trash
  • We do have a restroom on site for public use
  • We are sorry no pets are allowed
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