Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering at Prairie Patch Farm! 

Engaging and bonding with these amazing llamas has many rewards and we look forward to considering you to be part of our volunteer team.

We are currently looking to add a team of volunteers to help us train, groom, feed and care for our llamas as well as other needs in maintaining our Wildlife Refuge and Nature Preserve.

We are asking for a minimum commitment of 3 months for 1 hour once a week or every other week for a total of 2-4 hours a month with more time available if desired.

Upon approval and acceptance of your application we will send you dates to attend our Llama Volunteer 101 training. Once you have completed your training we will set up your recurring time in the volunteer team schedule.

Volunteers must be 18 and older. Minors ages 10 and up can come accompanied with their legal parent/guardian. If you are of driving age we can make exceptions with guardian/parent approval.

Please fill out application below and allow us 10-14 days to review and reply.

Applications for fall are under review and currently closed

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